About MKT Pakistan

University of MKT is a registered company in USA founded by Dr Mihir Somaiya & Alpesh Patel. The company came in to existence in 2014 with the unique concept of developing a specialized kind of Biomechanical KinetoNeurophysiological tape, which can be utilized for Sports as well as Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation & Conditioning. This therapeutic concept was successfully initiated by David Jenkins based in Scotland, Dr Sneha Ramchandani based in India & Dr Mihir Somaiya based in India.

Move Kinetic Tape is a KinetoNeurophysiological Tape having characteristics of Elongation when stretched & the presence of Menthol, which acts as an Anti-inflammatory agent.

The concept of application of tapes for Pain, Biomechanical Correction, Joint support & Muscle Spasms has been successfully delivered through our various Pre & Post professional courses across globe through our extensive research as well as pseudo research results by our dedicated research team. The essential of various courses just don’t depend on Sports Rehabilitation but also on various Injuries impacting because of the Biomechanical Disturbances, Neurological Impairments & Postural Imbalances.